Friday, October 28, 2016

Experience the Awesome Versatility of the SPMVA2510 Heavy Duty FPV Camera System

Presented to you is a video outlining the versatility, Durability and high quality of the Spektrum VA2510 Camera System. This system is a excellent choice for Hobbyists that are looking for a clean and easy FPV solution for their; Float Planes, RC Boats, dirt and road racing. For a 25mw video transmitter it gets phenomenal range! More then enough for Tracks,  Lakes, and Park Flyer Airplanes!

We partnered with Fatshark to produce this incredibly easy to use FPV System. Just provide up to 6v of power off the Receiver using a  normal servo port with extension and sticking it to your model with some double sided tape . Pair it with one of our FPV Headsets, like the Spektrum Focal FPV Headset, and you will be experiencing the excitement of FPV on your favorite RC model in no time. This Camera opens up a whole new world of FPV racing! Great with boats because it is extremely water resistant And strong enough to handle the shock of jumps and tumbles on your local RC Dirt Track!

Featured in this video

  • Spektrum VA2510 Camera
  • Spektrum Focal Headset
  • Spektrum VM430 4.3 inch Monitor with Headset
  • Spektrum DX6e
  • Spektrum DX4S
  • ProBoat BlackJack 29
  • E-Flite Icon A5 BNF
  • Losi Ten MT
  • Losi Ten SCBE

Check out the video and tutorials on our Spektrum YouTube Page.

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