Thursday, January 28, 2016

DXe Mobile App v1.0.2 available for Android and iOS

The DXe Mobile device App is now available at the Google Play Store and on iTunes.
DXe Android App
DXe iTunes App
You can create and save basic model setups with different settings for:-Servo Reversing
-Stick Configuration: Modes 1-4
-Wing Type: Normal or Delta/Elevon
-Expo: On or Off
-Trainer Modes.
Now supports several languages


  1. Any Windows Phone app.. Why not.. why always for CrApple and there stupid IOS system

  2. Any Windows Phone app.. Why not.. why always for CrApple and there stupid IOS system

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  4. Yes, Windows Phone would be here also MUCH appreciated!!

    1. Microsoft has announced that they will soon leave the phone business, so don't wait for new ms phone apps.

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  7. Can some one help, i need the stock settings for my receiver 636 sport , roll, pitch,yaw,????? I have a p-51 Dallas Doll,,,

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