Tuesday, December 6, 2016

MIDWEST CLASSIC Hosted by Horizon Hobby

Hello Everyone, I wanted to remind you that we will be up in Joliet Illinois for the 1st ever Horizon Hobby Midwest Classic. We will have 3 world class drivers on hand to compete against and to help answer your racing questions.  ALSO Spektrum Techs, John Adams and I, will be on site to help with your Spektrum related questions and to help with radio equipment repairs. 2 great resources for everyone to utilize at what is already stacking up to be a competitive racing weekend. So far, last I heard, we already have 200 pre-registered participants! If you can't be there follow us on Instagram and Facebook for up to the moment event coverage and fun with the team.

And for registration info go to http://leisurehoursraceway.com/
We hope to see you there!



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